and the tight groove


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Blues Dancer 2009

Blue Rivers on stage

Hired Slave 2001
I smell smoke      Kenny Neal MP3 [880 kB] Nadean    Joseph/Hemmig MP3 [865 kB]
The price you gotta pay    Buddy Guy MP3 [880 kB] Kansas City    James Brown MP3 [742 kB]
Dancer boy (Blues dancer)    Joseph/Hemmig MP3 [880 kB] Unchain my heart    Ray Charles MP3 [958 kB]
I've been missing you, too    Kenny Neal MP3 [880 kB] Hired slave    Joseph/Hemmig MP3 [963 kB]
Smooth sailing    Lucky Peterson MP3 [880 kB] I begin to wonder    A. Collins/E. Smith MP3 [906 kB]
Make it rain    Michael Burks MP3 [880 kB] Hey Joe    Jimmy Hendrix MP3 [952 kB]
Help the poor    B.B. King MP3 [880 kB] Bad breeze    Mr. Blue & The Tight Groove MP3 [903 kB]
Mr. DJ    Joseph/Hemmig MP3 [880 kB] Back in L.A.    B.B. King MP3 [906 kB]
Please forgive me    Kenny Neal MP3 [880 kB] Nobody but you   A. Collins/Solberg MP3 [900 kB]
Funny how time slips away    Lucky Peterson MP3 [880 kB] I gave it all    Luther Allison MP3 [961 kB]
Blues fallin' down like rain    Kenny Neal MP3 [880 kB] Evil    Koko Taylor MP3 [971 kB]
I owe it all to you    Kenny Neal MP3 [880 kB] Next in line    Lucky Peterson/Mr. Blue (Text) MP3 [955 kB]
Oh, how I need you    Joseph/Hemmig MP3 [880 kB] Every day I've got the blues    Muddy Waters MP3 [712 kB]
Sweet home Chicago    Robert Johnson MP3 [880 kB] I ain't superstitious    Melvin Taylor MP3 [835 kB]

Produced by Howard Joseph and Robin Halley / Executive Producer: Mr. Blue and the Tight Groove / Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Robin Halley / Co-engineer and co-mixer: Howard Joseph and René Hemmig / Musical director and management: René Hemmig / Recorded at Mr. Blue Studio, Reinach, Switzerland / Edited, mixed and mastered at Robin Halley Studio, Zuerich, Switzerland / November / December 2008 / Cover-design by René Hemmig / Photos by Michel Figi and "madeby"

Produced and arranged by Mr. Blue & The Tight Groove  / 
All brass arrangement by H. Joseph & J. Toth  /  Recorded and mixed at  Mr. Blue Studios, Reinach, Switzerland  /  Engineered by Howard Joseph & René Hemmig  /  Photos by Robby Vince, Peter Buergin & Robert Boesiger  /  Coverdesign by René Hemmig


Doggone 1994    
Head Rag
Put the shoe on the other road
Lone me a dime
If you leave me, I'll go crazy
Pretty woman
Stormy monday
Mustang Sally
Damn right, I've got he blues
Sweet little angel
This line
Nothing but a woman
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MP3 [790 kB]
MP3 [723 kB]
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MP3 [989 kB]